Upwave templates can be very valuable for any team that has repetitive tasks or projects. In a nutshell, it lets you start a new board with pre-defined structure and content. If you are having regular meetings, running sprints, or are using Upwave for weekly/monthly planning and follow up, templates is just the thing you need.

Using a template

When you create a new board, you will get a list of templates to choose from. Click on "See more details" to find out more about a template or click "Use template" to get started.

You can also access templates from Workspace -> Templates tab.

Creating and modifying a template

Creating your own template is very easy. Navigate to any board (or create a new), and when you are happy with it, hit the "Save as template" from the board menu top-left.

If you want to make changes to that template, you can overwrite it by setting the same name in the "Save as template" dialogue. Choose "Replace" when asked. Renaming or deleting a template can be done from the Workspace -> Templates tab.

The latest used templates will be listed in your workspace and teams. Clicking on a template will create a new board based on that template. 

Who can create and modify templates?

Anyone can create a template. All templates are shared on the workspace, so any member can use them. Modifying or deleting a template requires that you are either an admin or that you yourself created the template in the first place.

Tips & tricks

Separate templates by using background images. For instance if you have several templates for areas such as meeting, development or planning, setting a different background image based on the "type" of template will make your team members recognize what that template/board is about by a glance.

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