1. Open the board menu and choose "Export board"

Where to find the board menu
If you are in the Workspace area or inside a team, click on the three dots in the corner of the board.

If you are inside the board you want to export, click on the down-arrow next to the board name.

Select "Export board" from the menu

2. Choose export formatĀ 

Upwave Boards can be exported in two formats; CSV or JSON.

Export as CSV

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is an ideal format for spreadsheets as it is basically a column/row grid of data. As a drawback, each cell in this grid can't hold complex data. Exporting an Upwave board as CSV will bring these fields:

  • Card (the title of the card)
  • Column (the name of the column which it lives)
  • Color (the name of the color attribute if the card has a color)
  • Assigned to (a list of names of the assigned persons)
  • Completed date
  • Due date

The dates will be in the timezone of the person who did the export.

Export as JSON

The JSON format is highly flexible bringing the means of exporting more complex data and relations. Exporting a Board in Upwave as a JSON-file will bring along all your data intact. Be aware that this may reveal sensitive information, such as account emails, if you were to give that file to others.

The JSON file, can't be imported in other systems (except JSON viewer-applications), but will enable you to restore a complete board in Upwave, send it to others who can restore it or take a personal backup. It also provides a clever possibility of making your own templating system for repeated projects.

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