What is a card?

You can look at a card as a post-it on a digital whiteboard. Cards are the most important part of the system. Its flexibility allows it to be used as a container for most information types such as a Task, Idea, Issue, Meeting, Ticket, or even a Customer, Employee or a physical object etc.

The Card consists of a text description, a list of subtasks, and a comment thread as well as properties for assignment, duedate, color, and completion

Assign tasks and set deadlines

Delegate tasks so everyone knows what to work on and set deadlines to keep your priorities straight.

Divide complex tasks into smaller subtasks

Use subtasks to break down big tasks to bite-sized pieces. 

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Comment, upload files and get feedback from your team. 

Use color coding to categorize your tasks

Create different categories for your cards by using colors, e.g. to rate yours cards based on priority. Find the how-to-guide here.

Use cover images to give your card a personal touch

You can easily add full cover images cards, just follow these simple steps.

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