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How to use Upwave in Zapier?
How to use Upwave in Zapier?

Describes the essential parts of how to set up your first Zapier "Zap", and what it can be used for.

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Upwave is the easiest way to collaborate on projects with your team online. Sign up for a free trial at today.

Zapier is a powerful tool that lets you integrate your most popular apps with each other.

What is a Zap?

Zaps are built around the concept of triggers and actions. A trigger in one application, will produce an action in another application. This is very useful when you want to automate jobs or integrate applications that you use on a regular basis.

Creating a Zap!

In this example, we will integrate Gmail with Upwave so that whenever you star an email in your inbox, that email is sent to Upwave as a new Card. This way you can with little effort turn that email into a task that can be discussed, delegated and collaborated on by your Upwave team.

1. Setting up the trigger

Click the "Make a Zap!" button in your Zapier dashboard.
Search for the Gmail App, and select it.

Once selected, find the trigger "New Starred Email" and click the "Save + Continue" button.

Next you will have to connect your Gmail account with Zapier. Click the "Connect an account" button and follow the instructions.

2. Setting up the action

Once the trigger is successfully set up in Zapier, it's time to add the action!
Search for "upwave" in the search field and select the Upwave app.

Choose the "Create card" action from the list and click "Save + Continue".

3. Connecting your Upwave account

Next you will have to connect your Upwave account with Zapier. Click the "Connect an account" button. In this window you will need to fill in your Upwave API key. This key is found at in your account settings.

4. Decide how the new Card will appear in Upwave

Continue to "Set up Upwave Card" where you will fill in the attributes of the new Card.

First decide on what Upwave Board the new Card should be created. Then set up the design of the new Card in the "Card description" box.
Because Upwave supports HTML inside the Card description, a good design would look something like this:

The optional fields for Due and Assigned are very handy as they together will trigger notifications from Upwave and add the Card to "Your Cards" list. The below setup will notify you the next day about this Card:

  1. Set yourself as assigned 

  2. Click the button on the right side of the Due-field and choose the "Date"-element from Gmail

  3. Next to the Date-Element add " +24h" which will add one day to the Gmail Date (NB! There should be a space before the +-sign, or it won't work)

5. Finalize

Click "Continue" and test your Zap. You will have to star an email in your inbox to be able to pass this test. 

Confirm that the Card was created in Upwave and celebrate!

Remember, this is just one of many ways to integrate your favorite tools. Create more Zaps and experiment with different triggers and actions. The possibilities are almost endless....

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