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How to earn Upwave Credits

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Upwave Credits is our own type of currency that when earned will save you money as it is deducted from future invoices automatically. Upwave Credits will always be spent first when paying an invoice, lowering your total costs.

How to earn Upwave Credits

Go to your subscription page as admin and click the "Earn Upwave Credits" button.
Share the link listed with whomever you'd like on whatever platform you'd like; for example twitter or facebook.

Giving credits

When someone clicks the link and signs up a team of their own, they will be given Upwave Credits valued at approximately USD $20. The exact amount may vary depending on the currency of the signed up user. The credits will be spent when they start subscribing.

Earning credits

When the referred team signs up and starts an Upwave paid subscription, you will earn the same amount of Upwave Credits. You will be notified about this, and can also see your credit balance in your teams subscription page.

There is no limit on how many teams you can invite, they will all get the credits. However, your team will get Upwave Credits from referring up to a total of 5 times.

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