Teams vs boards

In Upwave, users can collaborate in multiple, separate teams, within the same organization workspace.  

You can create teams for different departments, project groups, external suppliers etc.

An Upwave Board is a shared canvas where board members can collaborate on projects, tasks, ideas, issues etc. You can look at its as a digital whiteboard with postits. All changes on a Board are instantly visible for all participants in real-time.

Your first board

After creating your workspace, this is the first screen you will see. We have already create a team for you called "First team" with a "Welcome"-board. Click on the "Welcome"-board to open it.

Your first team

To go to your team page from a board, click on the team name under the board title - in this case "First team" under "Welcome board". 

From the team page, you can see all boards in that team, invite members, create new boards and change the team settings. Click on the workspace-icon in the left corner to go to your dashboard.

Create new team
Go to your dashboard, and click on the "teams"-tab. Here you will find an overview of the workspace visible teams and teams you're a member of. 

To create a new team, click on the circle "New team".

Choose name, color and visibility for your team. A team can either be private (only visible to people invited to the team) or Workspace visible (visible to everyone inside the workspace). 

Create a new board
When you have created a team, you can start creating boards inside that team and inviting team members. 

Create a board by clicking on the "New board"-button and choose one of our many pre-made templates!

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