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Understanding Teams
Understanding Teams
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What is a Team?

A Team in Upwave is a subset of people in your workspace, who collaborate on projects (boards). You can create teams for different departments, project groups, external suppliers, etc.

New workspace members are not automatically added to teams in the workspace; you can either be invited, request to join, or create your own team. NB: Teams are only available for users on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Team visibility

When you create a new team, you can choose for it to be either private or workspace visible.  A private team can only be viewed and edited by people who have been added to the team. A workspace visible team can be viewed by everyone in the workspace, but only people who have been added to the team can create and edit the board. The visibility of a team can be changed in the "Team settings".

Teams overview

To access and create teams, first, go to your dashboard by clicking on the "Workspace" icon in the top left, and then click on the "Teams" tab.  Here you will see teams that you are a part of and teams that are visible for the entire workspace. Click on a team to see the members and boards inside that team. 

You can change between tile and list view by simply toggling the button next to “Find a team”. Click on a team to see the members and boards inside. You can search for teams, sort teams based on title or last opened, and filter based on your teams, active teams, or archived teams.

Team options

Click on the three dots to the right of a team to open team options. Here you can manage team settings, invite members, leave, archive, or delete a team.

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