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Navigate your team
Navigate your team

Boards, calendar, time sheet, analytics and settings

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1. Team boards

Your board list gives you an overview of all the boards in the team. A board can either be private, team visible, or public.

2. Team calendar

The team calendar gives you an overview of all tasks across your different boards. Click on a card in the calendar to open it. You can drag and drop a card to change the due date. If you want to go to the board where a card is located, simply click on the board name under the card in the calendar.

3. Team time sheets

Timesheets let you create insightful reports across all boards in your team. See where time is spent and export reports to share with coworkers, collaborators, or clients.

Learn more about timesheets here.

4. Team analytics

Get an overview of the progress and engagement in your teams with analytics.

5. Team settings

Click on the three dots to open team options, and select team settings.

In the "Overview" tab, you can change the team name, color, and visibility. A team can be either private or workspace visible. This is also where you can delete a team.

In the "Members" tab, you can invite new members or change permissions for existing members, e.g. make a member admin or remove a member.

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