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Understanding Cards
Understanding Cards

All you need to know about cards

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What is a card?

You can view a card as a post-it on a digital whiteboard. Cards are the most important part of the system. Its flexibility allows it to be used as a container for most information types such as a task, idea, issue, meeting, ticket, or even a customer, employee, or a physical object, etc.

Card details

A card consists of a title, description, a list of subtasks, and a comment section as well as properties for assignment, due date, color, and completion. A closed card looks like this:

NB: The toolbar at the bottom only shows up when you hover your mouse cursor over the card

When you click on the card, it opens up and looks like this:

1. Card title

The card title is the headline for your card. The first sentence on your card will automatically become the headline. If you want to do it manually, click on the "H" to convert regular text to a headline. 

2. Card description

The full description is only visible when you open the card. You can choose to hide the description to make your cards smaller (when they're closed). Read more here.

3. Subtasks

Use subtasks to break down big tasks into bite-sized pieces. Your board will give you a better visual overview if you use subtasks to group connected tasks inside one card, instead of creating one card for each task. You can also assign and set due date on subtasks. Learn more here.

4. Time tracking

You can track and estimate time on your cards by clicking on the "Time tracking" button. However, this button is only visible if you have enabled time tracking in the board settings. After tracking time on cards, you can see hours spent vs estimated without opening the card. Read more here.

Please note that time tracking is only available to users on a Business or Enterprise plan.

5. Comment section

Comment, upload files, and get feedback from your team. Use "@name" to mention a specific member or "@board" to mention all members of the board.

6. Card activity

The activity feed within a card allows you to see all changes that have been made on that card, both when it was changed and by who.

7.  Assign card

Delegate the card to the person(s) responsible, so everyone knows what to work on. NB: If you don't assign your cards to yourself, it won't show up in "My cards"!

8.  Complete card

When a card is finished, click "complete" and it will automatically move to the column set as "completed". PS: When a card is completed, you get the option to high-five the person(s) assigned! 

9. Set due date

Set a deadline on your card to keep your priorities straight. When you set a due date on a card, it will show up in your calendar under "My cards". If you are on a Business or Enterprise subscription and the card is located on a Team Board, it will also show up in the Team calendar. The card will also show up in the Workspace calendar if you're an admin. 

10. Change colors

Create different categories for your cards by using colors, e.g. to rate your cards based on priority. You can also filter your cards based on these categories by clicking on the color at the top of the board. Find the how-to-guide here.

11. Delete card

If you select this option, your card will be permanently deleted. If you want the possibility to view or restore your card later, choose to archive it instead.

12. Card options

Card options include set cover image, watch/unwatch card, copy card, move card and archive card.

12.1 Set cover image
If you want to make your cards more visual, you can easily add full cover images, just follow these simple steps.

12.2 Watch/unwatch card
When you watch a card, you will get notifications for this card even if you're not assigned to it. Read more here.

12.3 Copy card
If you need to duplicate your card, select "copy card" from the card options.

12.4 Move card
If you want to move your card to a different board, select "move card" from the card options.

12.5 Archive card

If you want to remove a card, but you want the possibility to view or restore it later, select "archive card" from the card options.

How to move or edit multiple cards

To edit multiple cards at once, simply hold down “Shift” or “Ctrl/Command”, and click on the cards you want to edit.

  • When pressing "Shift" and clicking on two or more cards, you will select all cards in this range.

  • When pressing "Ctrl" or "Command" and clicking on two or more cards, you will only select the cards you've clicked on.

Read more on multi-editing of cards here.

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