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How can I change the color of a Card?
How can I change the color of a Card?
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The color coding feature in Upwave is a simple way of differentiating Cards in a visual, easy to spot, manner. You can also filter your Cards based on your color categories by clicking on the color at the top of the Board. This tool helps you categorize and group your Cards and gives you a better overview and track progress.

1. Go to a board and click on the gear-icon

NB: If you don't already have any colors on your Board, press "Add color".

2. Add colors and description

Choose a description for each color to make it easier to categorize your Cards, e.g. "High priority", "Medium priority" and "Low priority". You can leave the text field blank if you don't want to name the color category.

To edit a color, just click on it and a color menu will pop up. Rearrange the order of the colors, by clicking on the 6 dots next to the color and drag it in place.

3. Click "Change color" on the card you want to use colors on

Choose the color you want to use, and voila!

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