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How do I create a board?
How do I create a board?
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Create a board from your dashboard

If you are invited to a workspace, but not to a specific team or board, this is the screen you will see when you log in for the first time. This is your dashboard:

To create your first board, click on the "New board" button. 

When you create a board, you have to choose which template you want to use.  You can start with a blank board, a simple to-do list, or a more advanced template, like Business Model Canvas. If you want more information about a template before choosing, you can click "See more details" under the template. 

1. Regular Board

When you have decided on a template, give the board a name and click "Create Board". This board will be private and only visible to the people you invite. 

2. Team Board

If you are on a Business or Enterprise plan, you will have the option to create a "Team board". This means that the board will be placed in a specific team. You will also be able to select visibility for your board; either private or team visible. A private board is only visible for people you have invited (and super admins), while a team visible board is visible to everyone in the team, but only those invited to the board can edit it.

You are now ready to start adding cards! To access the team your board is located in, click on the team name underneath the board title in the left corner - in this case, "Marketing".

Create a board from a team

Go to the team where you want to create the board and click on the "create board" button. Then follow the same steps as above. 

NB: Teams are only available to users with a Business or Enterprise subscription.

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