There are three main hierarchical levels in Upwave: 

  • Workspace (organization)
  • Team (department, project, group etc.)
  • Board (project, sub-project, ongoing work etc.)

A workspace is typically one organization. Inside your workspace you can create as many teams (and boards) as you like.

A team can be any type of subset of members and work. For example an organizational department (HR, management, production etc.) or a project. 

How you structure your workspace and team(s) will depend on the size of your organization, and the nature of your work. Sometimes a team is permanent (such as a HR department), and at other times it is temporary, such as a project.

In Upwave you can safely invite external collaborators, for example to a project. They only get access to what you invite them to, or information that you have set as public. Read more about team permissions.

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