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Upwave for Microsoft Teams
Upwave for Microsoft Teams

Connect Upwave with Microsoft Teams for a seamless collaboration experience.

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Upwave has an app specifically designed for Microsoft Teams. It allows you to integrate any Upwave board as a tab in any Teams channel. See screenshot.

Inside Teams, you have access to all Upwave board features, including time-tracking and progress reports.

Setting up the Upwave app for Teams
In order to enable the app you have several options. One of them is to press the menu in the sidebar, and search for "Upwave".

Please remember that you need the proper rights in Office 365 to enable apps. This depends on your admin policy. If you are unable to add the app, contact your Office 365 administrator.

Select the app, and follow the Teams' instructions:

  1. Add to team or chat, and press "open"

  2. Pick your channel and press "set up"

  3. Sign in to Upwave

  4. Select an existing board or create a new one

You are now ready to work seamlessly with Teams and Upwave.

When using Upwave and Teams, we recommend that you use your Office 365 Single Sign-On.

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