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Board types: Board vs Team Board
Board types: Board vs Team Board
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There are two types of boards in Upwave; Board and Team Board. What types of boards you have access to depends on your subscription plan.


A regular Board is not attached to a team, but you can still invite team members to collaborate on the board. When you create a regular Board it will be private and only visible to you, unless you choose to invite members or move the board into a team. If you are on the Basic plan, you will not have the option to create a Team board.

Team board

A Team board is attached to a specific team. When you create a Team Board, you can choose the visibility of the board to be either private or team visible. 

A team visible Team board will be visible to all members of the team, but only the people who are added to the board can edit.

A private Team board can only be seen by the people added to the board and super admins.

Team boards are only available to users on a Business or Enterprise plan.

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