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Understanding the guest concept
Understanding the guest concept
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The guest concept allows for secure collaboration with external parties, like clients, consultants, freelancers, or vendors.  

What is a guest?

Members who do not have their email domain listed among the workspace's approved email domains will be considered guests. 

Who can invite guests?

Only Workspace administrators are able to invite members that are considered guests.

What permissions does a guest have?

A guest will only be able to see and edit the boards that he or she has been directly invited to.

This means that the guest will not be able to see teams, create teams, visit the team page, create new boards nor invite members to the workspace or board.

A guest has the following default permissions on the board level:

  • Create new cards

  • Move cards between columns

  • Edit existing cards, including changing title, description, subtasks, due date, assignees, and color

  • Delete or archive cards

  • Comment on cards

  • Modify the structure of the board, including editing columns, rows, and board colors

How to enable guests

The guest role is available for the Business and Enterprise plans. To enable guests for your workspace, contact customer support, and list the email domains you want to add. All guests with email domains not on this list will be given a guest a role. 

How to upgrade a guest to a regular member

If one wishes to upgrade a guest to a regular member there are two ways to do this:

1. Add the guest's email domain to the list of approved domains 

2. Give the guest an internal email address

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