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Understanding the Spectator role
Understanding the Spectator role
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Invite organization members to view and comment on specific boards, without sacrificing control. 

What is a spectator?

Spectator is a role available on the board level that limits the permissions of a workspace member on a specific board. The spectator role prohibits a user from deleting cards and making unauthorized changes.

Which permissions does a spectator have?

A spectator has read-only access to the board content and the ability to comment on cards. 

By default, a spectator cannot make any changes to a board apart from writing comments.

The limitations of a spectator do not apply to super admins. This means that if you invite a super admin to a board as a spectator, they will still have admin privileges. 

How do I change a member’s role to spectator?

The spectator role is available on the board level and is included in all subscription plans. To change a user’s role on a board, you need to be a board administrator. Go to board settings, select the member and change their role to spectator.  

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