Use subtasks as checklists or fully-fledged tasks with assignees and due dates

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Subtasks help you break down big tasks into bite-sized pieces. Instead of creating one card for each task, you can use subtasks to group connected tasks inside one card giving you a better visual overview.

Assign and set due dates on your subtasks

Transform your subtasks from simple checklists to fully-fledged tasks with assignees and due dates. Click on the ninja-icon to assign and the clock-icon to set a due date. To promote accountability, a subtask can only have one assignee.

Notifications on subtasks

When a subtask is assigned and a due date is added or changed, the assignee on the subtask will be notified.

Subtasks in calendar

You can view subtasks in My Cards, Team Calendar and Workspace Calendar. To differentiate subtasks from cards, they are displayed with a yellow bullet in front of it. Click on a subtask to open the card and drag and drop it to change the due date.

Tips and tricks:

  • Split a subtask in two by pressing “enter”

  • Merge a subtask with the subtask above by pressing “backspace” when the cursor is in front of the text

  • “Shift” + “Enter” will create a new line in the subtask

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