Subtasks help you break down big tasks into bite-sized pieces. Instead of creating one card for each task, you can use subtasks to group connected tasks inside one card giving you a better visual overview.

Assign and set due dates on your subtasks

Transform your subtasks from simple checklists to fully-fledged tasks with assignees and due dates. Click on the ninja-icon to assign and the clock-icon to set a due date. To promote accountability, a subtask can only have one assignee.

Notifications on subtasks

When a subtask is assigned and a due date is added or changed, the assignee on the subtask will be notified.

Tips and tricks:

  • Split a subtask in two by pressing “enter”
  • Merge a subtask with the subtask above by pressing “backspace” when the cursor is in front of the text
  • “Shift” + “Enter” will create a new line in the subtask

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