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How to view and download progress reports for your boards

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The board report tool

The board report is accessible from the board options drop-down menu. To access the drop-down menu, click on the three dots next to the board title.

Our board report tool gives you a visual overview of the overall status of the board. The graphs at the top show the percentage of cards that have been completed and a breakdown of how many cards have been completed in the last 30 days. All cards on the board are shown as a list below, with card title, due date, assignee(s), and completed date.

Export board as csv

If you want to export a progress report for your board, simply select "Export board" from "Board settings", and select "Export as csv".

The report contains the following fields:

  • Card (the title of the card)

  • Column (the name of the column which it lives)

  • Color (the name of the color attribute if the card has a color)

  • Assigned to (a list of names of the assigned persons)

  • Completed date

  • Due date

  • Estimate (if time tracking is enabled)

  • Time spent (if time tracking is enabled)

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