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Status updates on boards
Status updates on boards

Easily update stakeholders on the progress of your project

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Create status updates and use traffic lights to indicate progress. Regular progress updates help improve communication, manage expectations, and keep everyone on the same page.

How to use status reports

Go to the board menu, and select status updates.

Here, you can view detailed information about your project and access all previous status reports.

Click on "New status" to create a new progress report.

Write a description and use traffic lights to indicate the status of the project:

🟢 = On track

🟡 = At risk

🔴 = Off track

The status update also includes time spent vs estimated, and number of overdue tasks. If you’re using the time tracking feature, this information will be added automatically, but you can also register time manually.

Status reports and portfolio overview

Status reports for all your projects show up in the Portfolio overview. Click on the workspace icon in the top left corner, and select the Portfolio-tab. For a project to show up in your portfolio, you need to have starred the board.

You can view and create status updates directly from your portfolio, by clicking on a project. NB: If you click on the project title, you will open the board.

Who can view and create status reports?

To view and create status updates on a board, you need to be a board admin, or an admin on the team where the board is located. Portfolio overview and status reports are available to users on the Business or Enterprise plan.

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