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Board views: Kanban, Table, Timeline, and Calendar
Board views: Kanban, Table, Timeline, and Calendar
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In Upwave, you can toggle between different views for your projects, including Kanban board, table, timeline, and calendar.

Board view

The board view lets you visualize your tasks and build your own structure with columns and rows. Easily drag and drop cards to indicate progress.

Table view

Table view lets you display your cards in a compact table format – perfect for getting a better overview.

Table view also enables easy sorting and filtering of cards. You can sort your cards by completed, title, created due date, assignee(s), and color. By sorting your cards by“created date”, you get a quick overview of the newest tasks or older tasks that might have fallen through the cracks. If you sort by assignees or due date, you can easily see if any tasks are unassigned or missing deadlines. To filter cards based on color categories, simply click on a color.

Timeline view

Similar to Gantt, the timeline view lets you visualize tasks horizontally, as well as get an overview of parallel activities, and who is working on what.

With the timeline view, we are also introducing start dates for your tasks. Easily drag and drop tasks on the timeline to change dates. You can zoom in and out on your timeline to change between days, weeks, and months. Cards without start and end dates will show up in a bucket to the right. Click on the arrow to open it, and simply drag and drop your cards onto the timeline.

NB: Timeline view is only available to users on the Business or Enterprise plan.

Calendar view

The calendar view gives you an overview of all due dates in the project. While the timeline gives you the big picture, the calendar view is perfect for getting a more detailed overview.

The calendar view includes both your cards and subtasks, so you can make sure that no task is left behind. To differentiate subtasks from cards, they are displayed with a yellow bullet in front of it. You can drag and drop tasks to change the due date, and click on a date to create a new card. To open a card, simply click on it.

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