View upcoming tasks, deadlines and recent boards from your personal dashboard.

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From the dashboard, you get an overview of all your tasks and subtasks that are overdue, due today, ongoing or upcoming, making it easier to stay on track. It also displays a list of your recent or starred boards with activity log.

To access the dashboard, click on the app drawer in the upper right corner or go to https://dashboard.upwave.io/.

Dashboard features:

Overview of what’s overdue, today’s agenda and upcoming tasks

⚠️ Overdue cards and subtasks

Overdue cards and subtasks let you know which deadlines you have missed, so you can get back on track in no time.

📅 Today’s agenda

Today’s agenda shows you what you should be working on today, so nothing slips through the cracks. It gives you an overview of cards and subtasks that are due today, and ongoing cards with a start date earlier than today’s date.

🔜 Upcoming cards and subtasks

When you have cleared overdue tasks and finished today’s agenda, upcoming tasks gives you an overview of what to prioritize next.

New quick actions

Quick actions on cards and subtasks helps you to make quick decisions to clear your to-do list. No more never ending to-dos!

✅ If the task is done, click the complete button.

​​🕒 If you need to delay the task, click on due date button.

🗑️ If the task is not a priority anymore, you can choose to delete it.

We have created some quick options for delaying a task, including today, tomorrow, next week, next month, remove date or pick a new date.

Recent or starred boards

From the dashboard, you also get quick access to your starred or recent boards. Click on the arrow to toggle between them. Click on the board to open it or click on “last updated” to view recent board activity.

Customizable background

You can personalize your dashboard by choosing your own background. Click on “Customize” on the left-side menu. Choose between colors, images or even video scenes!

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