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Workflow Insights
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Insights provides valuable metrics to optimize your workflow execution.

The charts and data presented here pertain only to Active and Paused cases. Cases with a statuses such as Not started, Completed, Stopped, and Rejected are considered inactive and are not factored into the metrics.

Cases per step

This chart depicts the progress of Active and Paused cases at each workflow step. It's an excellent tool for identifying bottlenecks in the process. For instance, if cases tend to accumulate at a particular step, it may indicate unclear task descriptions or time consuming steps that could benefit from simplification or optimization.

Upcoming deadlines

This table displays a list of cases and their impending deadlines. Upcoming deadlines are tasks that are incomplete, but have a deadline. A red-colored deadline indicates that the task has not been completed and requires attention.


This table provides an overview of your colleagues' workload.

Unassigned Cases

Cases that go unnoticed and are not assigned may slip through the cracks. This table identifies unassigned cases with an Active or Paused status, allowing you to assign them to someone or change their status to Not started, Stopped or Rejected to clear them from the table.

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