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Create a workflow using AI
Create a workflow using AI
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Coming up with logical steps for a good workflow can be a challenging task.

Luckily, AI can offer some help. By providing a descriptive input of the workflow's purpose, the AI can suggest a series of steps.

Here's how it works

Upwave sends the input to openai with some additional instructions regarding how to understand and format the response. The suggestion returned by the AI is then fed into Upwave Workflow. You can adjust the suggestion before creating the final workflow.

The AI's response when inputting "workflow to handle incident reports" (this will vary from time to time):

Limitations & quirks


The AI may take some time to get back to you with a suggestion, usually around 10-20 seconds, but sometimes longer.


You can send input to the AI using the language of your preference and it will try to respond in that language. However it may mix this up. Some languages are quite similar and some languages use English words extensively.

To mitigate this issue, you can replace English words with native words and give the AI additional instructions. For instance, you could try "workflow to handle incident reports in Norwegian" instead of "workflow to handle incident reports."


Finally, the AI does not comprehend how Upwave Workflow works and might offer unnecessary steps. For example, it might suggest "Receive incident report" when the workflow is designed to assist a case worker after the report has been submitted. However, you can modify or delete any step before finalizing the workflow.

Although the AI suggestions are not perfect, essential steps to consider might be brought to your attention.

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