Board options

Click on the three dots next to the board title in the left corner to open board options.

1. Board settings

See detailed description below.

2. Invite members
Let's you to invite new members to your board. You can also invite members from board settings.

3. Edit colors
Let's you to change the board colors. You can also click on the gear-icon. 

4. Save as template
Let's you save your current board as a reusable template. Read more here.
NB: Only available to users on a Business or Enterprise subscription.

5. Export board
Let's you export your board to a JSON- or CSV-file.

6. Report
Gives you a breakdown of what cards are completed/incomplete, overdue and the overall status of the board.  Read more here.

NB: When time tracking is enabled, you will get a new board option in the drop down menu called "time sheet". Read more here.

7. Card archive
Let's you view and restore archived cards from this board.

8. Board activity
Let's you see all activity in the board, including what has been changed, who changed it and when. Read more here.

9. Email members
Let's you send an email to all members of the board.

10. Leave board
By leaving a board, you are now longer a member and won't have access anymore (unless it's a team visible board or you're an admin). 

11. Archive board
Let's you move a board that is no longer in use to an archive, where you can find it or restore it if you need it later. 

12. Delete board
If you choose this option, your board will be permanently deleted.  

Board settings

Access board settings from the board options menu. Board settings are divided into three panels: Overview, Integrations, and Members.

1. Overview

In this panel, you can edit the board title and purpose, background image, visibility and location. You can also change the card style, board layout and enable time tracking. 

1.1 Board title and board purpose
Let's you change the title of your board and add a board purpose.

1.2 Background image
Let's you select a background image from gallery or upload your own image to the board.

1.3 Team board/Location of Team board
If you select the "Team board" option, the board will be attached to the team of your choosing. The "In team"-dropdown menu let's you decide which team you want the board to be placed in.  If "Team board" is left unchecked, the board will only be visible to you and the people you invite.

NB: Team boards are only available for users with a Business or Enterprise subscription. Read more about the difference between a regular Board and a Team board here.

1.4 Visibility:
Let's you choose who this board is visible to; private vs team visible. A private board is only visible to the users who are directly invited, while a team visible board is available for everyone in the team where the board is located. For more information on private boards, follow this link.

1.5 Card style
Let's you change decrease the card size by hiding the card description. Read more here.

1.6 Board layout
Let's you enable rows on your board for a full-grid view. Read more here.

1.7 Time tracking
Let's you start tracking and estimating time on cards located in this board. Read more here.

2. Integrations

There are currently three types of integrations available on a board; Slack, Calendar and Zapier.

2.1 Slack
Setting up a Slack integration will send notifications from this Board to a Slack channel of your choice. The notifications sent includes messages like "Card completed", "Comment added" etc. You can read more on how to set this up in this guide.

2.2 Google Calendar + other calendars
Enabling this integration will allow board members to view cards from this board in their calendar. You can read more on how to set this up in this guide.

2.3 Zapier
Let’s you automate your tasks by connecting Upwave to more than 1000 apps. You can read more on how to set this up in this guide.

3. Members

The member panel shows which team members are currently collaborating on this board.

You can quickly remove/add board members, and doing so will not delete any data. For example if a person has created a card and is removed from the board, the card will still remain.

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