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Board structure
Board structure

Customize your board with columns, rows and colors

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The board structure is highly customizable and defines the workflow for that board.


A column often defines the status for Cards, where you drag & drop a card to another column to signal a change of state.

Columns can be added, edited and sorted to fit most workflows. To edit a column, press the arrow next to it. To add a new column, press the "+" symbol. 

Column system states and triggers

On a deeper system level, a column can have either of 4 system states which are used for reporting and in automatic triggers.

You can edit the column system state ("Set cards in this column to.."), by selecting either of "Completed", "In progress", "Not started" or "Not Specified".

A Column with a system state of "Completed" will take control over any card that gets completed. You will notice that the card will automatically move over to the "Completed" column.

To prevent cards from moving around when you complete them, you will have to locate the "Completed" column and change its system state to something else.


Rows can be used to separate your cards into different categories, e.g. different rows for different marketing channels.

To use rows, simply click on the “Enable rows”-button at the bottom of the screen. You can also enable or disable rows from the board settings.


Categorize your cards by using different colors. Colors can represent priorities, departments, projects, or individuals -  to mention a few use cases. To filter your board based on a color category, just click any color on the Board, and you will only see Cards associated with that color (see below). To change the colors, click on the gear icon.

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