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How do I connect Upwave to Slack?
How do I connect Upwave to Slack?
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Here at Upwave, we want to support your team wherever and however they work. Many of our teams use Slack for instant messaging in their worklife every day, and we do too. Use our integration to get updates in Slack when changes are made on a board.

Before you get started:

1. You’ll need to enable Slack integration for each board. That way you can keep updates separate and easier to track.

2. You need to be an admin of your Upwave account to set this up - Go to your Workspace Settings page to check.

How To Guide:

1. Create a Slack channel where the Upwave updates will be posted

In Slack, create the channel where you want your Upwave board updates to be posted. In this example, our Slack channel is called “productlaunch″.

2. Go to "Board settings" in the board you want to integrate Slack with

In Upwave, go into the board you want to integrate with Slack, click the on the three dots next to the board title, select "Board settings" and then "Integrations". Click on "Add to Slack".

3. Authorize access to Slack

You’ll now be asked to authorize access to Slack. Before autorizing, make sure you connect your Upwave board to the right Slack channel.

4. You’re done!


Does Upwave get full access to my Slack channels?

No, Upwave has no mechanism to gain "real" access to your channel. Upwave will be given access to post messages to your channel but that's it! You can revoke access at any time.

How can I revoke access?

In Slack there is a "Manage Apps" panel where all your authorized Apps are listed. Here you can remove an entire App, or delete channel-specific configurations.

Where do I start?

First you need to sign up at and create your account.
It's super simple and will guide you through account creation and all the way through setting up your first Upwave board.

See also our Privacy Policy for further information.

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