Upwave is designed for collaboration and works best when you are not on your own. There are many ways to invite new members, and it only takes a couple of seconds!

1. Invite from "Workspace settings"

By clicking your profile picture in the bottom left corner, you will get a settings menu where you can choose "Invite people" .

2. Invite from the "Members" tab

When you are inside your workspace, you can click on the tab "Members" to both administrate current members and invite new people.

3. Invite from a team

If you want to invite a new member to a specific team, click on edit in the top right corner, choose members and then click "invite members". You can also click the "+"-symbol under the team name. 

4. Invite from a board

When you are inside a board, you can click the "Invite"-button in the top right corner to invite new members to that board. 

NB: When you invite a new member to a board, they will automatically become a member of your workspace and the team the board is located in. They will however, only be able to see teams they are invited to or teams that are workspace visible.

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