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Explaining super admin, admin, member and guest

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There are three hierarchical levels of permissions in Upwave: Workspace permissions, team permissions and board permissions. Your permissions depend on whether you are a super admin, an admin, or a member.

Workspace permissions

Super Admin

The creator of the workspace is automatically granted Super Admin status and can add new Super Admins and Workspace Admins. With Super Admin permissions comes access to all Teams and Team Boards. The Super Admin will not though be able to see nor edit Boards that are not associated with a Team.

The Super Admin will also have access to Workspace settings like billing information, and have the permission to delete the entire Workspace and/or disable any members.  

Workspace Admin

The Workspace Admin has access to view and edit Workspace Settings like billing information and to disable any members. 

Workspace Member

A Workspace member (default permission), is not able to access Workspace settings, but is allowed to create new teams or boards.

A Workspace member that creates a team or a board will automatically become the team or board admin and will have privileges to edit the Board settings and Team settings. Any Workspace member can also access (and join) all Boards and Teams which are set to Workspace visible on your shared Workspace.


A guest will only be able to see and edit the boards that he or she has been directly invited to. The guest will not ble able to see teams, create teams, visit the team page, create new boards nor invite members to the workspace or board.

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