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Board permissions
Board permissions

Permissions for admins, members, guest and spectators on a board

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There are three hierarchical levels of permissions in Upwave: Workspace permissions, Team permissions and Board permissions. Your permissions depend on whether you are an admin or a member.

Board admin

All members of the workspace can create a Board. A Board can either be created inside or outside a team. The workspace member who creates a new Board will be automatically set as admin on that Board.

The admin of a Board has the privileges to change the settings (and even delete) that specific Board. However the Workspace/Team admins will also always have these privileges on all Boards that are created inside of Teams. Boards created outside of Teams however will only be visible to the creators of that Board and any Upwave users the creators might have added to the Board.

Board member

A Board member can edit the structure of a Board and all the Cards on it. However a Board member cannot change the settings on a Board.


A guest can can edit the structure of a Board and all the Cards on it. However a guest cannot change the settings on a Board nor invite other members to the Board.


A spectator cannot edit the board, but can write comments to the Cards.

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