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How to navigate Upwave
How to navigate Upwave
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Navigating around Upwave is easy. With the menu on the top of the screen, you'll find what you're looking for.

1. Boards

The "Workspace"-icon takes you to your Boards, where the default view is a list of your boards.

The "Boards"- tab gives you a list view of all your boards. In addition to the board title and members, you will also see:

  • What team a board belongs to (if you're using Upwave Teams)

  • Card completion rate

  • Cards overdue

  • When boards were last updated

You can search for a specific board or filter your board list by board title, last opened, or last updated. Create new boards by clicking the "Create board"-button. 

2. Teams

The "Teams"-tab gives you an overview of all workspace visible teams and teams you're a member of. This is also where you can create new teams. NB: Teams are only available for users on a Business- or Enterprise plan.

3. My cards

In the "My cards"- tab, you will get an overview of all the cards you are assigned to.

You can see:

  • cards that are overdue

  • a calendar of all your cards WITH due dates

  • an overview over cards WITHOUT due dates

Learn more about My Cards here.

4. Templates

In the "Templates"-tab, you can will our predefined templates and your own custom templates. Our predefined templates include simple to-do lists, Scrum, Eisenhower Matrix, Business Model Canvas, SWOT, and more.

Learn more about templates here.

5. Calendar

In the "Calendar"- tab, you get an overview of all cards for all members in your workspace and when they are due. Remember that only cards with due dates will appear in the calendar! NB: Calendar is only visible to workspace admins.

6. Analytics

The "Analytics"- tab gives you an overview of the progress and engagement in your teams. Keep track of task completion, productivity, and workload across various teams and projects. NB: Analytics is only visible to workspace admins.

7. Search

You can search for card titles and text (descriptions) across all boards. Just press the magnifying glass in the top-right corner, enter a search term, and press "search".  Read more here.

8. Notifications

By pressing the bell icon, you can see all your notifications. 

9. App Drawer

The App-Drawer makes it easy for you to navigate between apps. You can navigate between Upwave Project, Dashboard, Admin, and account.

10. Settings

By clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, you will find settings. Here you can see your personal settings, Helpdesk, invite people, log out, or switch to another workspace.

If you are an admin, you will find also find the workspace administration panel here.

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